Saint Stephen Lutheran Church of Silver Spring

March 2023

Lent Sundays:

10:00am – Worship with Holy Communion

11:15am – Growing in Faith Together (GIFT) for Children, Youth, and Adults

YOU are welcome at Saint Stephen!

We carefully follow COVID protocols. As God is still at work, so are we. Please join us in-person (masks requested because we sing) or on-line for worship. All other ministries are in-person. Most meetings are via Zoom. Your unique gifts, talents, and perspectives are welcome! Sign up here.

Mission Statement

To make known to all people the good news of Jesus Christ, following the inspiration of Saint Stephen in faith and works

Vision Statement

To make known …

by providing a variety of settings for people to experience the saving grace of Jesus Christ by offering many opportunities for faith development through lifelong learning by witnessing to the redeeming love of God as we strive for justice and peace

to all people …

wherever they may be: within our congregation, in the surrounding communities, throughout the world whatever their background: geographic origin, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, religious experience whatever their status or condition: mental, physical, social, marital, economic whatever their stage in life: from birth to death

the good news of Jesus Christ …

that our gracious and merciful God shows love for all people through Jesus Christ that God saves people from sin and gives them new life through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that God calls all people into community to grow in faith and spread this Good News to all who have not heard

in faith and works

by demonstrating our Christian faith through what we say and what we do by showing through our love and sharing that we are disciples of Jesus Christ by welcoming all people in our diverse community that they may be empowered to serve God in the world                                                 

adopted January 25, 2004

Visit us:

11612 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20914-4092

Office Phone: 301 622 1273

Send mail to:

P.O. Box 4092
Silver Spring, Maryland 20914-4092